Montana Organizing Project

Our Vision:


Through relationships, action, and leadership we can create a fair & just economy for ALL Montanans.

MOP partners with faith organizations, labor unions, and non-profit organizations. Collectively we can create economic, racial and social justice here in MT.


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Our Mission

Montana Organizing Project is a collaboration of diverse community, labor, and faith groups and community members who have come together to create an economy that is fair and just to all. We work actively for social, economic and racial justice, promoting the dignity and empowerment of people with low- and middle-incomes whose voices have not been heard.

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Our Impact

The purpose of Montana Organizing Project is to become an effective force for social & economic justice.



million dollars annually 

Kept in our local economy and in
the pockets of our Montana families
because of our state protections against predatory payday lending practices.



families saved

From online payday lenders in 2014. This case has been used by other states to show that state laws apply to the residents, not where the businesses reside.



years helping montanans

MOP on your side, raising our
collective voice for over  7 years.


The Issues



rebuilding montana's economy

Fostering economic development and rebuilding the Montana economy. 

The Montana Partnership Bank

Small businesses & family farms are critical to the health of our communities. Yet, access to capital is hard for them to acquire. Through the Montana Partnership Bank, Montana's local banks can leverage state deposits into local loans expanding state dollars for lending & investing locally.

Ending Too Big to Fail

 Montana Organizing Project is working to reform the banking industry to provide more transparency, more local control, & more protections for consumers.


protecting vital services  

Protecting vital services in the state & federal budget. 

consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB)

This federal agency returned $12 Billion to 29 million consumers since 2011. They are a vital part to holding large financial institutions accountable, & in protecting us as consumers, & is under attack by congress

payday lending

Regulated in MT at 36% interest, these lenders continue to seek out opportunities to work around  state law to target Montanans once again. We are asking Congress to protect us from predatory and abusive lending products.
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3 business days after filing a complaint with the CFPB regarding their illegal online payday loan...

October 2017

"I just wanted to give you an update... I received a text message today that my loan is paid off in full. I signed into my account and it said the same thing. Filing the complaints on those websites must have done the trick. Thank you so much again! It's such a huge relief to know that's all over with!"

Payday Loan Survivor -- Billings, MT.