Montana Organizing Project
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Our Mission:



Project (MOP)

A collaboration of diverse community, civic, labor and faith groups along with community members who have come together to form an organization. We actively work for economic, racial and social justice, promoting the dignity and empowerment of people with low and middle incomes whose voices have not been heard in their communities.


What We Do:

  • Build relationships among faith organizations, labor unions & nonprofit organizations

  • Expand the consortium of leadership by reaching deep within member organizations to identify and train new leaders

  • Bring a diverse group of people together to work for economic, racial and social justice in Montana


Our Approach:

  • Our approach to organizing is grounded in relationships, reflection, and action.

  • We build strong relationships and networks built on trust. Trusting relationships enable us to work together to identify common experiences, values, interests and passions.

  • We reflect on our realities to identify our common needs and inspire action.  Reflecting on our values and the injustices and pressures faced by Montana’s families

  • We create a legacy of actions and solutions. Our actions and results will be the measure of our success.  The purpose of the Project is to become an effective force for social and economic justice.

loren benoit's water & mountain photo.jpg